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What Clients Say

about our work together

Juliana Khalik

Senior Manager - Malaysia / Singapore

When I met Karen, I was dealing with a break-up from a 20-year relationship. There was so much going on within me. A part of me felt ashamed for allowing myself to tolerate an abusive relationship for so long. I had so much anger in me too for allowing myself to be taken advantage of. Without fail, I would break down whenever I talked about my relationship. So the only solution was to not talk about it. But I realized that the only way to free myself from the emotions is to acknowledge them and then to let go. I learnt this from Karen through a series of release therapy sessions. She helped me to release all the stuck emotions within me such that today I am able to talk about my past relationship as a matter of fact. I have indeed moved on. Besides the release therapy, I also engaged Karen for Past Life Regression sessions. These seasons have helped me to find clarity in terms of my life purpose. Thank you, Karen, for your love."

Jennis H.E Elliott 

Homemaker - U.K

"I completed the Releasing Therapy and the Art of Attracting Abundance sessions with Karen. They were truly transformative. The Release Therapy was an eye-opener for me and the sessions brought up many hidden subconscious issues I have long forgotten. I feel lighter after each session and issues and people that used to drain my energy no longer have the power to do so."


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Uto Ekanem

Accountant - United Kingdom

"Hello Karen, Just thought to give you a feedback on K. The transformation is phenomenal. K is a different and very vibrant boy now. He is happy and much more vocal and assertive. He starts his new school today after a brilliant pass on the entrance exams.
Thanks a million."

Josh Ochu

Optimization Coach - Nigeria 

"Hi Karen, Just wanted to reconnect with you and say... thank you very much for investing in us. You changed the course of our lives when you opened us to personal development. We became better versions of ourselves. You believed in us and we're doing so too for tons of people. Today in my reflection, I came to the realization that the Universe brought you to Nigeria to set me on a journey into living my best life. I was the reason you came. So yes ... Thank you!!!"

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Vilasha N


“Karen, you know this is a miracle but I am not suffering from PMS anymore! No back pain, stomach cramps, lethargy and blurness. What used to be my sloth weeks, now I am running around doing all my work with so much energy! I am truly surprised! I have never been this way in a really, really long time! I must say I was doubtful but how do I even explain this? In fact I feel alot of difference. I am no more angry or upset with people and things which affected me before. I feel like a new person. My investments are growing. And I am very,very grateful for that. Thank you thank you thank you Karen!”

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Dr. S.N

New Zealand 

"Karen, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the time you spent with me, and just really for going above and beyond what any other life coach and therapist would do. You helped me feel better and put things into perspective for me. For that I am really grateful."

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P. Nair

Educator - Malaysia

"Karen, first and foremost, let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart. My arm is feeling better and I can see change in movement. More flexibility which wasn't possible two nights ago. Another amazing that happened is that first time in a long time, this morning woke up feeling love for my husband. I was able to tell him how much I love and appreciate him. You know what, I feel different! I feel joy! God bless you. You have touched my life in so many ways!"


Annette Nielispach-Ong 

Retiree - Switzerland

Dear Karen, I cannot thank you enough for the clearing you did with me. Besides that, you conducted it so professionally with passion and care. Your light just shines right across dimensions and astral planes...right to my screen. Just amazing!"

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