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A Litle About

Karen Yeoh 

My life has taken a few different turns from when I started to where I am today. I graduated with a law degree and completed my pupilage with Messrs David Morais; practised for a short period before realising it wasn't my cup of tea. I then joined the corporate arena and was in the publishing industry for close to a decade as an editor and content manager for the legal, medical and banking industries.

The 2nd decade of my working career was pursuing my own business in retail and personal development with business expansions into Africa. However, upon experiencing a burnout from work, I took a few years off to rest and recalibrate. It was during this period that I developed a big fascination for esoteric knowledge. Learning the healing arts became a deep passion.


Over the last many years, I have spent much of my time in the pursuit of mastering different healing modalities with the primary intention of helping self and others improve the quality of our life. The essence of the work I do is to bring complete mind body spirit transformation and well being. When we can let go of all that no longer serves our greatest highest good, we can begin to gravitate towards living with more joy and ease.

My belief is that people do the best they can from their space of consciousness. If they knew better, they would do better. Hence, information and knowledge is the first step to creating awareness - which then gives one a choice point to effect change into one's life. My role as Coach and Therapist is to help clients move through this process through self realisation from their soul's perspective.

Knowledge - Awareness - Choices - Decisions - Outcomes
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My Journey into Healing

We search through the ends of the earth till we find our way home to our soul's purpose. 

The above was true for me. I always had an inkling early in life that my path was one of service. But I did not know how that would look like. Decades through what most people would consider one's prime career years was spent searching, learning and experiencing life. That often felt like a rocky ride through uncertainties, frustration and many unfulfilled experiences.


Life has a funny way of bringing us home. Have you realised that? Like a child, tired of running around in circles and exhausted by energy spent, I took an indefinite break from work. This was my biggest act of surrender to the Universe. During these 3 years, i learnt to trust in life and to move with flow. I learnt that all my fears were just created in my head. And as I slowed down to be more present in my mundane daily living, I discovered a sense of contentment from within. And so, I began to live everyday more consciously, more intentionally and with a deeper sense of gratitude. Gradually my inner world changed. Life became more joyful and peaceful. That was how my healing journey  began.

Learning to be still enough to receive the prompts of my inner heart was what flowered  within me. My intuition was sharpened. My mind was no longer saddled with the chatter of the outside world. From guidance within, I was prompted to follow the Universe's trail of breadcrumbs.  It unfolded layers of versions of the potential me, of who I could become. Surely but slowly, I started to share my experiences and teach others to tune in from within, to connect with the Universe for effortless manifestations. That same trail of breadcrumbs led me to therapy work that began with  regression therapy. My world accessed a deeper understanding of energy, our souls' wisdom, its purpose, its journey and our connection with the world. Since then, every turn and corner I take has just led me deeper into the work. My learning and healing journey continues and I suspect it will till my transition. I couldn't ask for a better way to live the rest of my life. 

Navigating in Woods
"Don't go searching outside, my dearest, for all answers are within..."
Professional Certifications & Courses Completed

Past Life Regression Academy, UK

Diploma in Regression Therapy, Dip RTh

Certificate in Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Advanced Energy Clearing Workshop
Completed Course in Hypnotherapy

Institute For Inner Studies, Inc. Malaysia, India

Basic Prana Healing Course

Advanced Pranic Healing Course

Pranic Psychotherapy Course

Practical Psychic Self Defence for Home and Office 

Vortex Healing - Divine Energy Healing USA-APAC

The Little Soul School

Vortex Healing Foundation Training

Vortex Healing Magical Structures 

Akashic Records - Certification Program 

HRDF Malaysia

Train the Trainer Certification

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